Thursday, August 2, 2012

Social Media On Your Brand, Your Brand On Social Media

Did you know that 65 percent of customers prefer to contact companies on social media rather than via a call center?

Sounds great, right? Much cheaper for brands, and far easier to manage volume. But when you consider that 60 percent of companies don’t respond to customers via social channels – even when asked a direct question – and that 70 percent of all complaints made by customers on social media go unanswered, you’re left with something of a disconnect.

Indeed, a recent study showed that 35 percent of retailers actually erased a customer’s question on their Facebook Page.

But what about brands that embrace these tools?

Socially engaged customers spend 30 percent more than other folk, and, as importantly, tell an average of 42 people about great customer service. 83 percent of customers who tweeted a complaint loved it when a brand responded, and customers spend 21 percent more on average on companies who provide fantastic service and support.

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