Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Facebook Ads Use Strong Among Smaller Retailers

A survey of more than 100,000 retailers on Facebook, many of which have collected fewer than 500 likes, pointed to strong use of Facebook ads and a trend toward driving shoppers to Facebook storefronts via outside channels.

Ecommerce platform Payvment, which conducted the poll, found that nearly 40 percent of respondents were using Facebook ads, and 70 percent of those respondents saying they would do so again, with their reasons including:

  • Like and customer acquisition, 68 percent;
  • The ability to start and stop campaigns, 60 percent;
  • Facebook’s targeting capabilities, 60 percent; and
  • Ease of use, 55 percent.

Of the 30 percent who purchased Facebook ads but wouldn’t buy them again:

  • 68 percent said they were not successful in acquiring likes or customers;
  • 65 percent said Facebook ads are too expensive; and
  • 25 percent said they didn’t understand how to use the platform.

Payvment also found that the following non-Facebook methods were being used to drive traffic to Facebook storefronts:

  • Company website, 38 percent;
  • Twitter, 34 percent;
  • Email marketing, 30 percent;
  • Print ads, 12 percent;
  • Direct mail, nine percent; and
  • Google search ads, eight percent.

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